Before we get started, yes we know that the seven deadly sins are not necessarily biblical but more historical.

7 Deadly Sins of Social Media

However, lets take a look at the seven deadly sins represented in social media. We will give a quick explanation of how some if not most of us use our social media accounts. 

Facebook - Envy

There is a reason you keep old high school friends on Facebook stalk their lives. 

Tinder - Lust

Do we need to explain what Tinder is?

Netflix - Sloth

If you have ever seen the question "Are you still there?" then you can agree with us.

Instagram - Pride

Instagram has turned a whole generation into wanting to be "Instagram Famous" where it is more common for us to show a filtered version of our lives than the real thing. 

LinkedIn - Greed

You might think you do not agree with this one but LinkedIn is all about making business connections to make more money. LinkedIn is not for those who are content.

Yelp - Gluttony 

Yes this one might be a stretch but the only reason we use Yelp is for food reviews. Its not about just having food but having the best food. Everyone can be a food critique now. 

Twitter - Wrath

In the time where everyone believes they have a right to have their opinion heard, there is Twitter. You can give your opinion to people, that don't know you, but you still care if the agree with you. Plus the only reason most read others tweets is to see if they should be offended or not. 



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  • Pablo on

    Jim Croft – by all means, you first. Feel free to cull the herd starting with yourself. The only thing war has ever done is destroy lives and civilizations while enriching a select few. My guess is that your politics lie to the right of the center (the irony being that right of the spectrum nearly never is right … ) and you consider yourself “pro-life”

  • Jim Croft on

    Everything is a cartoon. Lady Gaga uses a computer microphone to sing on key. Pictures are worth a thousand lies. All movies are animated computerized bull crap. Higher Ed is really costly lazy dumb political indoctrination. War will clear the air.

  • Bob on

    You left out Grindr.

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