Kate Hudson: I'm Raising My Daughter 'Genderless'

Kate Hudson is openly talking about raising her first daughter, Rani (pronounced Ronnie) "Genderless" She is not the first star in Hollywood who is moving forward with the new trend of raising their children as "Genderless"

This is an idiocentric way of raising kids that seemed to grow in traction in 2017. With the belief that kids have to choose later in life who they are, and not that they were made by a Creator with a unique purpose. 

Kate Hudson when on to say the following, "I will say that, right now, she is incredibly feminine in her energy, her sounds, and her way," she continued. "It’s very different from the boys, and it’s really fun to actually want to buy kids' clothes."

"With the boys, it was just like onesies ... actually, I did pretty good with the boys," Hudson said. "But with her, it's a whole other ball game. There's some stuff that I'm like, 'I can't do that to her, because it’s so over-the-top."

In December of 2017, the singer Pink was exacted to announce the gender-neutral raising of her kids. 

"I was in a school and the bathroom outside the kindergarten said, 'Gender Neutral – anybody,' and it was a drawing of many different shapes," Pink said. "I took a picture of it and I wrote, 'Progress.' I thought that was awesome. I love that kids are having this conversation."

What are your thoughts on celebrities openly talking and giving "advice" on parenting? 

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  • Carrie Thompson on

    This is wrong on so many levels. I’ve read reports of child psychologists saying that this sort of thing is not good for children. This and other things like transgender. Children are not mature enough to know these things. There are only two genders. You are either born male or female. Nothing you do can change that, period. You may have surgery and dress like the opposite sex but you will always be the gender that God created you to be. This society that we are living in, is so messed up right now. It’s very disturbing to say the least.

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