"PreacherSneakers" Why is everyone talking about this IG Account?

We are going to take a minute a look into the Instagram account that lots of people in the within the Christian community are talking about. The profile “PreacherSneakers” has been blowing up online ever since its first post and here is what they are uniquely doing. They are looking through the Instagram accounts of many of the most known pastors, teachers, and musicians in the Christian community and analyzing what they are wearing.

Ryan and Joy Lestrange wearing their Gucci Gang wear

We don’t know much about the reason why they created this account, but they are getting a lot of love and hate for this account. They insist they are not doing this out of judgment but out of love & for fun of these individuals and the culture they are reaching. PreacherSneaker uses what appears to be whit and satire with comments like “Preachers Ryan and Joy “Gucci Gang” Lestrange givin Lil Pump a run for his money in those matching Gucci Stripe Ace Sneakers” Now if you don’t understand this because you don’t know who Lil Pump or Gucci Gang is, then go ahead and follow this link. Caution this is not "Christian" music

Ron Carpenter wearing his limited "OFF WHITE" Jordan One's from Virgil

Don’t worry they are taking on everyone in this industry from John Grey, Steven Furtik, Ron Caprtenter wearing designer kicks and even Jessie Duplantis wearing a Louis Vuitton jacket valued at over $1300.

Jessie Duplantis wearing his Louis Vuitton jacket valued over $1300
Besumone Magazine is going to have to take the same stance as PreacherSneakers. We will provide the information and pictures of what's going on and you can decide what your thoughts are on this. Make sure you check them and us out on IG. @PreacherSneakers @Besumone 

For full transparacny, most of us here at Besumone Magazine have an item or two that would make this list. Do you? We want to hear your comments below. 

Steven Furtick and John Grey flexing their Jordan's together.

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